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'Earth-T' General Timeline

< 1938 - Lots of stuff happens. >_> Very little of which changes things noticably from the real world.

1938 - Start of First Heroic Era
First appearance of Sandman (Wesley Dodds).
First appearance of Wildcat (Ted Grant).

Jim Corrigan is killed.

First appearance of Hourman (Rex Tyler).

First appearance of Starman (Ted Knight).
USA enters World War II.
Sandman, Wildcat, Hourman and Starman cease operations for the duration of US involvement in WWII.

Allan Scott discovers the Green Lantern and ring while helping liberate a German-held Polish town.
Jay Garrick survives an explosion while helping capture a German chemical weapon plant. Shortly after he begins to display super-speed.
Johnny Thunder encounters the Thunderbolt while deployed off the coast of Badhnisia.

Allan Scott, Jay Garrick and Johnny Thunder begin carreers as mystery men upon returning to the United States, under the names Green Lantern, Flash, and...Johnny Thunder (OK, the kid wasn't creative...)
The Justice Society of America is formed at the prompting of Allan Scott and Wesley Dodds. Initial membership is Sandman, Wildcat, Green Lantern, the Flash, Johnny Thunder, Hourman and Starman

Black Canary (Dinah Drake) joins the Justice Society.
1955 - End of First Heroic Era
Sandman is seriously injured in a conflict with Johnny Sorrow.
The Justice Society (less a convolescing Sandman) pursues Johnny Sorrow into Limbo. They do not return.
Boston Brand is killed.

Death of Krypton's sun.

The survivors of the Justice Society conflict with Johnny Sorrow - Allan Scott, Jay Garrick, Ted Knight, Ted Grant, and Dinah Drake - return to the real world, having aged only aproximately 5 days. Those who had them have all lost thier powers - Green Lantern's power-ring charge discharged after the first day, Starman's Gravity Rod broken, and Flash's speed sapped in the final battle with Sorrow and the King of Tears. It is revealed Johnny Thunder was killed on the first day when he discovered the Thunderbolt didn't follow them to Limbo, and Hourman disappeared without a trace in the night of the third day.
Kal-El lands on earth, and is adopted by John and Martha Kent.
The Directive take control on Thanagar.

The Justice Society survivors are reintegrated into society. None of them return to their carrers as mystery men - their spirits are broken, the Lantern lost, the Gravity Rod will take time to recreate and the chemical mix that gave Jay Garrick his powers would be impossible to recreate.
Jay Garrick resumes his relationship with his former wife, Joan.

Dinah Drake marries Larry Lance.
Allan Scott marries Rose Canton, a reformed thief, and MPD patient.

Rose Scott leaves Alan Scott upon a mental break after discovering she's pregnant with his twin children.
Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered in front of their then 6 year old son, Bruce.

2000 - Beginning of second heroic age.
First appearance of Superman (Clark Kent)
First appearance of Batman (Bruce Wayne)
First appearance of the Flash (Barry Allen)
First apperance of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Katar and Shayera Hol discover the Directive's corruption, and make plans to come to Earth to prevent invasion.

First appearance of Robin (Dick Grayson)
First appearance of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
First appearance of Green Arrow and Speedy (Oliver Queen and Roy Harper)
First apperance of Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themiscara)
Disappearance of Barry Allen. Only a short break in the activities of the Flash, as Wally West discovers he's developed the same powers.

The Joker shoots Batgirl, whose identity is subsequently revealed.
Disappearance of Robin, first appearance of Nightwing.
Justice League is formed. Original members are Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Batman is offered a position, but refuses.

Jack Drake and wife are murdered while on business in Markovia. Bruce Wayne adopts Tim Drake.
Katar Hol is murdered by the Directive, Shayera escapes.
Garfield Logan, the 'Beast Boy' becomes a star.

'Reappearance' of Robin (Tim Drake).
Green Arrow joins the Justice League.
Shayera Hol arrives on Earth, contacts the Justice League.
First appearance of Victor Stone, Cyborg.

Justice League leave for Thanagar to prevent the invasion.
A Tamaranian ship, carrying Princesses Koriand'r and Komand'r is attacked, Koriand'r's escape pod lands on Earth, Komand'r's is lost.
Connor Hawk takes the identity of Green Arrow in Oliver Queen's absence.
First appearance of Black Canary II (Dinah Drake Lance)
Robin first encounters Raven.
Robin and Raven form the Teen Titans, recruiting Koriand'r, Victor Stone and Garfield Logan.

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